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Art and design

Recent experiences have allowed us to follow projects in their entirety. In addition to offering a full range of items (floors, walls, pool coverings, baths, washbasins, etc.) we work with other companies, carpenters and upholsterers, to create special furnishings such as bar counters or bathroom furniture.

If it exists, we will find it for you

Knowledge of granite, marble, onyx and travertine combined with the experience gained over the years, testing blocks and slabs of all kinds and making subsequent modifications, allows us to locate and find the material that is best suited to our customer’s needs.

Quality guarantees

“The high quality projects that we carry out are in themselves a reassurance to those who contact us for the first time. The natural products are characteristic in their structural and aesthetic variations. For this reason, quality control is continuous and accompanies the entire production process. After the initial photos are sent for product determination, the next step is sampling or the production of a mock-up for the approval of the material and the range of colours.

Making your idea a reality!

Architects and designers often ask us to bring stone products to the most extreme limits. Some design extremely thin elements to create a transparency effect (materials that are often laminated on glass) or simply to make them lighter (for nautical use, elevators, etc.). Others, on the other hand, want to create a lasting impression with massive elements, often made from one piece of stone. At Stoneone every new challenge is welcomed with the same enthusiasm. Some examples are the table in Carrara White Marble (720 × 152 × 90 cm) and the Arabescato Vagli Marble reception desk (430 × 183 × 96 cm) both cut from a single block of stone.

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