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Experience in the stone industry and professionalism in meeting the most ambitious requirements, together with a wide range of domestic and foreign products, allow Stoneone to provide immediate answers to the most diverse requirements.

Geoluxe, an Italian exclusive

A revolution in the industry, Geoluxe is the new material that enhances the aesthetic beauty of marble with the benefit of being resistant to corrosion, stains and colour changes. Geoluxe is the best solution for kitchens and bathrooms!

Dedicated and customised services

We meet every need with the highest quality


Architects and designers often ask us to bring our stone products to the most extreme limits. At Stoneone every new challenge is welcomed with the same enthusiasm.


The high quality projects that we carry out are in themselves a reassurance to those who contact us for the first time: quality control is continuous and accompanies the entire production process.

Material research

Knowledge of granite, marble, onyx and travertine combined with the experience gained over the years allows us to locate and find the material that is best suited to our customer’s needs.

Complete design management

Recent experience has allowed us to follow projects in their entirety, collaborating with top companies and offering a complete service at every stage of the project.

Flexibility and completeness

Our strengths are flexibility and completeness: we can satisfy even the most ambitious requirements, where the use of stone materials can range from simple private buildings to wholesale, but the sector in which we shine the most is that of special

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